Old-fashioned work:


Modern techniques combine we always with our old-fashioned knowledge, thus we can save you extra operations by simultaneously looking after these for you.
But high Gloss provide posters, wish cards, stickers you and call on



To count off



To gather



To break out



To weigh



To provide


counting off and marking during our veredelings -
activities save you time and costs.
For composing your brochure we can gather it in the same operations to take along
After blanking we can break out the forms so that your product squares - and is supplied ready at you.
If you want gladly direct on weight want pack, or if your product send ready can be made, ways we and mention this on the associated documents
Packs by the desired number of, afgelevert at your warehouse or at the given addresses in within - and foreign country. Logistics pack we let us call this service. It can facilitate your own logistical activities considerably and cheaper to make.

Question to ours technical and old-fashioned possibilities!